Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bloggiesta Update (2)

Day 3 of Bloggiesta! 

Yet another stellar 24 hours of Bloggiesta! As soon as I finished yesterday's post I tried to finish as many of the challenges and "to-dos" as I could. I also took some time out to reflect on how much I value my blog, how much it has changed my life in such a small way, and how I can continue blogging throughout the year with better time management. (Every weekend isn't Bloggiesta after all.)

Technically today is the third and last day of Bloggiesta, but I'd like to continue updating and tweaking today and will post my final update sometime on Monday. 

On to the updating! (I removed the ones already finished)

         1. Finish my current novel / type the review
               Done! Review is typed and waiting for Monday to arrive.

          4. Make and upload a proper In My Mailbox video (ask for help this time)
               Done! Scroll to the post below to find my In My Mailbox video. I uploaded it onto DropShots instead of Youtube or Photobucket and didn't eat as much bandwidth. 

          6. Start my Challenge update post for January
Done! All of the buttons as much of the updates are written as can be. I'll do a final tally on the 31st because right now, it doesn't look to productive. Oops!

          8. Encourage voters on my book lists / ask for suggestion
              Still not done. I'm not quite sure how to approach this one. I want to ask people for suggestions for my Goodreads book lists but it seems a little....egotistical, and far to soon to be egotistical. Maybe I'll save this one for later. Thoughts?

          11. Post about doing a "Q&A" asking for questions
                Not done. I've decided to save my "Q&A" segment for mid-February once Bloggiesta is done and I *hopefully* have more followers. 

          12. New poll in the sidebar
                Done! Vote which book I should read next!

10.5/12 Woot! I feel great! The other 2 will probably be postponed until February. I also completed another mini-challenge:

           1. Create a Google Form for a contest or survey. (Challenge Link)
                Done! The tutorial was easy to understand and follow, and I had my first form completed in no time. Because I'm fairly uncreative at this point in the weekend, the form is the same question as my poll. Feel free to answer one or the other. 

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