Friday, January 21, 2011


Thanks to a recent post from The Story Siren, I am now participating in this year's Bloggiesta! If you are unaware of what Bloggiesta is or how to get involved, click on either of those links to find out. Basically it's a weekend of bloggers coming together to update and rejuvenate their blogs through new posts, planning ahead, new backgrounds/buttons/fonts, meeting new bloggers on forums, etc. I hope all my *few* followers participate.

For the introductory post, we're supposed to list our goals for the weekend. Here's mine:

  • Finish my current novel / type the review
  • Move my winter Waiting on Wednesday from my email to drafts
  • Post my Impulse review tomorrow
  • Make and upload a proper In My Mailbox video (ask for help this time)
  • Enter all the teen Goodreads ARC giveaways
  • Start my Challenge update post for January
  • Make my Goodreads profile public so followers can add me
  • Encourage voters on my book lists / ask for suggestion
  • Find out if my Followers Map is counting repeat visits (eek!)
  • Join at least one Bloggiesta / book blog forum
  • Post about doing a "Q&A" asking for questions
  • New poll in the sidebar

Each day this weekend I'll update with which goals I've accomplished and any new ones I come up with. Hopefully I'll have all of them completed by Monday. (Oh, and study for exams!)

If you have any suggestions or advice on my goals, feel free to leave them in the comments or message me!

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  1. You've got some fun goals that are a bit different from the "normal" lists I'm seeing around. Good luck with it all!


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