Sunday, May 29, 2011

Books For Thought

On Sunday I usually showcase the books I picked up this week at the library for The Story Siren's In My Mailbox. Unfortunately I didn't go to the library this week. I'll be sure to pick some up next week though!

Instead I'll be participating in Books for Thought, an awesome meme from Eleni at La Femme Readers. Every week she posts a book-related discussion topic for everyone to reply/comment on.

This week's topic is: 

When you are called a nerd for loving books, how do you feel?

I feel awesome! I love doing lots of nerdy things like reading books, watching Star Wars, running a blog, etc. If nerd means that I advocate for literacy and am amazed by how empowering novels can be, then yes I am a nerd. A lot of my book club friends and I call each other "book nerds" because it's basically all we talk about when we hangout. While I wish more people read or opened their bookshelves to new genres/titles/authors, I would never say to someone "You don't read enough books, therefore you're not a book nerd". 

Also, when someone calls me a nerd it's usually after I mention "I'm reading a new book!" Some people could sulk or walk away but instead I take it as an opportunity to say "Yeah, I'm a nerd, but this book is really good". I use the label as a chance to introduce a non-reader to the world of books. 

Check out Eleni's blog for her opinion and the rest of the responses.


  1. We too are proud of our book nerd status. And I think we're lucky to be living in a time where nerd-dom is becoming cool. Geeks are taking over the world -- look at Apple, Google, etc. Nerds of the past may have had to hide their geek passions, but we can share them loud and proud!

  2. Being a nerd is definitely awesome! I'm just about to post a response to the question as well. =)

  3. Great answer! Thank u for participating :)


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