Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swag: How Do You Display It?


We love getting swag from our favourite authors, publishers, and bloggers. It's awesome! But how do you display it?

I recently won two huge bags of swag from giveaways. Wahoo! I was just going to put it all in a ziploc bag with the rest of my swag but now it seems sort of pitiful that it's all in a bag on the bottom of my bookshelf.

I've heard that some people are putting their buttons on corkboards which sounds awesome! Great idea! It's something I can take with me to university and display it. Plus it's super easy to add more buttons.

Bookmarks are pretty self-explanatory. Use them to bookmark things! I found a cute little container to put all of mine in on the bottom of my bookshelf. Now they're all neat and organized.

But what about postcards? Notepads? Mini-posters? Keychains? Business cards? Haven't found too much about that!

I'd love to see how you display your swag! Write a post, send me a tweet, talk about it in the comments! Let me know how you show it off. 


  1. I love the buttons on corkboard idea. So cute! US publishers seem to send out a lot of swag, but its not something that we get much of over here. I love if they started doing more swag, for sure! :)

  2. Ah! A corkboard! I don't have button swag from books, even though I'd love to get some, but I've got a nice button collection. I should display them like that.

    With the keychains you could probably use a corkboard and hang them from tacks. And with postcards/business cards you might be able to use one of those picture holders with the ribbons crisscrossing.

  3. I've always struggled with this (lol wow, that makes it sound like some big life issue) because I have the coolest bookmarks, but... what to do with them? I'm thinking about taking those clean plastic sheets that you can stick things in and putting some of the bookmarks and postcards in those and then hanging them up on my closet doors or something. But I would still have to find a way that they wouldn't slip to the bottom.

    I like the idea of a corkboard only for buttons/pins. I have my Keeley Brothers (Shade/Shift) pin on the picture board beside my bed and it makes me smile, so I'd like to put up some of the other ones I have.

  4. Ooh, I think I'm going to have to make a post now that shows how I display my swag.I have nearly and entire shelf that displays my Caster Chronicles goodies (buttons, bracelets, dogtags, cds, posters)and my other posters are hanging up. I tend to put my buttons on my bags, so they're everywhere and bookmarks I use, but I don't do anything specific to display postcards. They tend to become bookmark for me too.

  5. Hehe such an interesting post! I don't have much swag (lolol i made a funny!), but I have a collection of bookmarks sitting on my bookcase (well, the bookmarks I use most often) and the rest I tape to my by 'book blogging notebook' (true story). I have things like bookplates/stickers in that notebook too because I really can't see myself really.. using them :p

  6. I don't have a ton of swag... but the stuff I've gathered over the years is kept in one of those small-party bags which I just leave on my book shelf. For some of the stuff, I even keep them in the envelopes they were mailed in b/c it's so rare that I receive it. For my casual, less pretty bookmarks that I use regularly, I keep them in a small pile in my other bookshelf which is right about my bed and within easy reach to grab when I'm reading in the middle of the night, lol.

    I really like the idea of using a corkboard to display some of the swag though! :)


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