Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waiting for Wednesday (6)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly Wednesday meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the SpineParticipants highlight an upcoming unpublished novel they're interested in.

Title: Angel Creek
Sally Rippin
Release Date: 
February 28, 2011
: Text Publishing

In her new falling-down home, in her new street, in her new suburb, Jelly waits for high school to begin. She can only feel happy up in the branches of the old apricot tree and by the creek at the back of the house. One night, Jelly and her cousins spot something in the creek’s dark waters. At first they think it’s a bird, but it isn’t…it’s a baby angel with a broken wing. And they decide to keep it. But soon things start to go wrong, and Jelly discovers that you can’t just take something from where it belongs and expect that it won’t be missed.

Sally Rippin’s Angel Creek is a book about growing up: being brave and selfish and tough and scared. It’s a book about an angel. But not the sweet variety. It’s a book about the things that change and the things that always stay the same.

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  1. I am kind of tired of angel books. I will wait and see your review of this one.

    Reading Lark's WOW


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