Thursday, May 26, 2011

Armchair BEA: Nurturing Book Blogger Relationships

Welcome to Day 4 of Armchair BEA!

Today's discussion post is Nurturing Book Blogging Relationships. As I've noticed in other post throughout the day, blogger-to-blogger interactions are very easy to talk about seeing as it's the most common communication bloggers do. As someone fairly new to the book blogging community I can only give advice on the "newb" side of the table.

Here's a few steps for what to do after you hit the "follow" button.

1. Follow
Chances are you've just pressed the Google Friend Connect (GFC) button, but there are many other ways to follow this new blog. Many bloggers have branched out into various social networking platforms such as Formspring, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Check out some of their other profiles to follow them elsewhere.

2. Research
Did you glance at the blog's About Me page, read the first page of reviews, and hit follow? Most of us do. There's a world of reviews, discussion posts, and interviews behind the first page though. Take the time to read weeks or months worth of reviews. Maybe try to find a review of a book you recently read and compare notes. So many bloggers appreciate it when their older reviews receive just as much attention as their newer ones.

3. Comment
Did you really like a review you just read? Were you honoured to be mentioned or linked to in a post? Are you just as excited about that 2011 debut novel? Why not share! Feel free to comment on any of the posts you like. Some people, including myself, are hesitant to simply write "Me too!" and opt to say nothing instead. Over time you might feel more comfortable with reaching out to other bloggers, and in return you'll be recognized as a regular devoted follower rather than just a lurker.

4. Discuss
Most bloggers feature at least one "discussion-like" post a month, whether it be on a controversy in the book community or analysing LGBTQ teen literature. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the blogger's opinion, start a conversation about it! Send them a tweet, email, or message letting them know that you liked/disliked the post. Keep it positive and constructive (remember, you're trying to nurture not destroy relationships) and see where the conversation might lead you. Most of my strongest relationships with other bloggers were initiated by one of us actually "talking" to each other rather than just commenting.

Check out some of the other Armchair BEA posts for more tips on interactions with bloggers, publishers, and authors. If you have other tips to add to my list (or simply want to say hi), feel free to comment below or send me a tweet!


  1. Great advice! I always enjoy comments!

    Somer @ A Bird's Eye Review (

  2. Commenting is key, I think. It makes me sad when I can see that I have a post with hundreds of hits but less than 10 comments. Even something simple to let someone know that you read the post can make someone's day.

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