Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (3)

Wahoo! It's that time of the week again! Laura's attempt at trying random memes at random times! Yay! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Authors I Would Die to Meet

I absolutely love meeting authors! I have a post schedule in...September I think talking about all the different author events and people I've met, from Kelley Armstrong to Lesley Livingston. I'll also be attending a few author events this fall. Yay!

1. J.K. Rowling - I'd probably just start bawling as soon as I see her and then try to gargle out some sort of "thank you for making my childhood amazing" speech. After seeing her speech at the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere all I want to do is give her a hug.

2. Sarah Dessen - The queen of contemporary. I'm meeting her this fall! Eek! I'm super excited! She is one of the few authors whom I'm read every one of their works. Except for Whatever Happened to Goodbye because I suck. I really should get on that. 

3. Tamora Pierce - While Harry Potter is considered fantasy, not quite in the same way as Tamora Pierce's Tortall. She redefined the genre for me and introduced me to my first real heroines: Alanna, Daine, Kel, Ali, and Beka. I think I'd just scream if I ever met her.

4. Jodi Picoult - As a YA reader I shy away from the adult section like it's full of malaria. Jodi Picoult introduced me to the world of YA/adult crossover and I'll be forever grateful. To sit and have a chat with the woman behind Nineteen Minutes? Stop my beating heart! (Plus I have like 6 of her books that defs need to be signed.)

5. John Green - Nerdfighters unite! I'm a huge fan of not only John Green's books but his vlog channel and ability to constantly communicate with his fanbase. He goes above and beyond with Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to interact with his fans and hear their input on his works. If I ever met him (or his adorable son) I would just die.

6. William Shakespeare - While not technically an author I would kill to have dinner with Shakespeare. To find out what inspired his plays, how he developed the characters, whether any of it was based on real life events or happenings. Also to get his opinion on Shakespeare in Love would be stellar. Love him to death.

7. Gregory Maguire - Some people can't wait to meet Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth but I 'm dying to meet the man behind the curtain. (pun!) Gregory Maguire taught me that there's always more than one side to a story and long before Snape's reveal in Deathly Hallows taught me to love the anti-hero as much as the hero.

8. Dr. Seuss - I saw Jen at The Broke and the Bookish add this one, so Nick Hornby was bumped out. Dr. Seuss would be epic! Gah! I'd make him write me on a poem on the spot and show him Horton Hears a Who and it would be amazing. Absolutely love the Seuss.

9. Laurie Halse Anderson - I love Laurie Halse Anderson. She's seriously such an amazing author. I bawled my eyes out during her 10th anniversary of Speak video. I'd desperately like to thank her for what she's done for YA literature, especially books dealing with "dark" issues and content. 

10. Maureen Johnson - When I think Maureen Johnson the first word that comes to mind is "cool". She's such a cool author! While I haven't read all her works I've read enough to be a huge fan and desperately want to meet her. Oh! And give her a high-5 for her super awesome radio conversation about #yasaves.

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  1. Great list. We both included Shakespeare. But I forgot Dr. Seuss - he's shown up on several of the lists already.

    Well, we HAD to whittle it down to 10! (I did 11 - best I could do.)

  2. Great picks! I think JK would be at the top of my list as well. Michelle Zink & Jeri Smith-Ready are amazing authors online that I would love to meet in real life too.

  3. I know I would start bawling if I met J.K Rowling. We should go see the movie together.

    Choosing ten was so hard.

  4. Great list! JK Rowling would be incredible to meet. It would be fun to meet John Green and Laurie Halse Anderson as well. How exciting that you will be meeting Sarah Dessen in the Fall!

  5. Eee, Sarah Dessen! I really hope I can make it to her Toronto event(s). I was so sad I had to miss out last time she was in Ontario.

    Maureen Johnson is a good answer! I bet she would be awesome in 'real life'.

  6. Dr. Seuss is a great choice :D

  7. Good choices. I would love to meet Sarah Dessen as well


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